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VANS WARPED TOUR RECAP DAY 20:  St. Petersburg, FL - Rarely do you ever get to play a show facing the ocean.  Today was one of those days.  The set went off without a hitch (super tight), guys spirits were good, and the response from the crowd was great.  Later on in the day after dinner, the band decided to head out to the beach and…relax.  The few hours we spent on the beach was a therapeutic .  You start replaying everything in your mind about the tour.  I’m just thankful to have been able to share this experience with my boys:  Beau, Aaron, Daniel, Andrew and James (tour manager).  We learned a lot together on this tour and really had each others back and that’s something I’m very proud of.   Everything happens for a reason and I’m thankful for this one.


Posted Tuesday Jul 31 1am  

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