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VANS WARPED TOUR RECAP DAY 21:  Charlotte, NC - We’ve met a lot of cool people on the tour and today we wanted to do something special for them.  First we dropped off a few cases of Vitaminwater to the great Tada Catering staff, then we dropped off a couple of cases to the big man himself Kevin Lyman’s tent (actually left him a couple copies of me EP), and last but not least we made a special Warped Tour Friends Vitaminwater punch for all of our friends and served it to them right outside our bus.  I’m not lying when I tell you this, but there are no egos on this tour (well at least that I know of).  It’s a special community of musicians/people that care about music, the people they entertain, and each other. 

One more day.  I can’t believe it’s finally here. 


Posted Tuesday Jul 31 1am  

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